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[Fic] When Love Is (1/1); G
Title: When Love Is
Rating: G
Author: Pari Passi
Length: 1.5K
Pairing: Chanhun (Het)
Summary: Chanyeol is infatuated with a girl he doesn’t even know.

It starts when she walks in the door, taller than average, short cotton candy pink hair brushing at her thin shoulders and tangling with the cords of the ear buds resting gently in her ears. She's not like the other girls, there's this effortlessness about her that sets her apart from the typical and make her stand out. Chanyeol is pretty sure he could write a song, let alone a whole album about the contrast of the natural flush that rests on the heights of her cheek bones in comparison to the smooth paleness of milky skin.

Sometimes she dresses like a boy in jeans and a plaid button down shirt that she leaves undone just enough to show off perfect collar bones. Sometimes she'll show up in a skirt with leggings and a silky top that's as delicate and feminine as her features are. Sometimes her hair is in a messy bun, sometimes it’s curled to perfection. Chanyeol likes her diversity, Chanyeol likes everything about her, in fact she could probably show up in a sack and he'd still think she was stunning.

She's simply beautiful and mysterious and Chanyeol hopes a little bit sweet but he's not ever brave enough to breech basic service speak to find out.

She pulls one bud out and keeps it palmed in her hand when she orders the same thing she did yesterday and the day before that, Chanyeol remembers.

"Paper cup?" He knows the answer is yes because it always is. She always asks for a cup to go even though she eats in and stays for sometimes hours and they have plastic cups for the dine in customers.

She nods, hands him money in exchange for a receipt and her cup then fills it with cherry soda or sometimes tea with a lot of ice if it’s especially hot out.

The time between her ordering food and it being prepared is agony because Chanyeol lives for setting her food down in front of her and asking her if he can get her anything else even though he knows the answer is no because in that brief millisecond after he's asked she'll give him the smallest of smiles and shake her head no thank you and for that millisecond after the first millisecond he's a part of her world.

He wonders what she likes and what she doesn't. What her major is if she even has one or if she's got a lot of friends or maybe just a few really close ones. Is she totally out of his league or could she ever fall in love with a high school dropout who knows more about guitar chords than anything else in the world. Could she like a guy who works two jobs and plays open mic on the weekends to chase his dreams of making it big.

Does she dream, does she love deeply like he does?

Does she notice him like he noticed her the first time he saw her?

He spends the rest of his time sneaking glances between taking orders and clearing tables. When he's lucky she'll glance up at him and if their eyes meet he gets another smile before she dips her head to return to whatever it is she's working on. It's all colored markers and books opened in an arch around her. Some of them are empty; others are filled with the light flutter of her hand writing. He hasn't been brave enough to sneak a glance at what the words say.

Chanyeol has a few theories of what it could be though: the obvious being school work, or the more romantic thought that she's writing some kind of novel about a boy and a girl and unrequited love in a quiet little pizza shop on the outskirts of campus.

When she leaves he shouts to her the same as he does any other customer "Thank you, see you again soon!" Only with her he means it and the small flitter of painted nails that aren't clutched around her iPod are worth more than his pathetic weekly paycheck and unlimited trips to the soda fountain while he's on shift.

She comes again the next day, this time with a friend and without her note book and colored pens and Chanyeol sort of mourns the loss of their split second of time alone until he hears her voice, and then her laugh and her name.


It's perfect and unique just like she is. Boyish while still being feminine. He repeats the name over and over in his mind and can’t wait to get a break so he can try the name out loud on his tongue in the privacy of the back alley behind the restaurant.

His manager has to bark at him from the kitchen to get him out of day-dream land and back to earth to help the line of people that have accumulated in front of him.

It's Friday when she comes next, her bag low on her hip full of markers and notebooks he hair is curled softly around her chin, wispy bangs covering her whole forehead, long so they twitch a little when she blinks and they catch on her eyelashes. Today is the day; he decides while he waits for her vegetarian pizza to come up on the line, he's going to talk to her, really talk to her and not chicken out and just ask her how her food is or if he can get her anything else.

The ring of the cook's bell is his cue.

"Vegetarian and a side salad." He places her food down and swallows the lump in his throat before continuing. It's distracting, that smile of her's and the way she's slipping loose pink hairs back behind her ear. "Er, it’s Sehuna, right?" He cringes inwardly at how his voice cracks.

She blinks up at him then nods.

"Chanyeol, right?"

He's dumbfounded because it’s not like they wear name tags or anything. She laughs at the look on his face and it’s like music. "The receipt, dummy." She explains, bringing a hand up to her mouth to hide her smile.


"And I kind of watch you play guitar at open mic..." She adds, a pink painted finger nail pressing the pause button on her music as she slips both buds out of her ears. "You play really well. I always mean to tell you." She smiles, slightly flushed and Chanyeol can't help but smile back because he realizes all those small milliseconds he lived for between orders and clearing dirty dishes were actually hours and hours of missed glances at each other.

"I watch you too."

She snorts.

"Uh, that sounded really creepy, didn't it?" He shifts his feet in worn out sneakers and dips his head embarrassedly.

"A little." She closes one of her notebooks and places a purple colored pen on top of it. Her fingers are stained in colors from the water color markers she’s been working with.

"So would it be weird if I asked you out then, since we've both been watching and what not?" Love, infatuation, whatever it is, makes him say stupid things.

"Try and see." Her smile is reassuring but he still feels nervous.

He swallows and thinks this would be way more romantic if he wasn't holding a rag to wipe tables clean. "Would you wanna go out sometime? You know, with me?"

"I'd really love that."

Sehuna still comes to the pizza shop most days, commonly during Chanyeol's lunch breaks when she can between classes. She writes music and has an affinity for colored pens, which is even better than anything Chanyeol dreamed up on his small stool by the registrar. And she is sweet, just like he hopped she'd be even if there is a bit of edge to her humor that requires a bit of thick skin on Chanyeol's part. She's feminine without being to girly and boyish without being too crude.

And best of all, she loves just as deeply as Chanyeol does and dreams just as big and doesn’t mind if he’s a part of it.

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omg chanhun. i think we actually like this pairing too much we need to cool it. i shiP seKai. stop making me ship this gdi.

and then het. no gtfo.

can i just cry because you made her level headed and sweet and not bratty or anything i meaN good. And Chanyeol as the hopeless romantic with mega guitar skills. I want one.

This was sweet and quirky and cute all rolled into one. JESUS.

<3333 this.
[heart] for you too ;333. I honestly don't know what i'm doing anymore LOL.

Ahhh this is great~ Chanhun is one of my secret rare pairings that i ship (inc. chanlay omgwhat) and this was super cute and chanyeol is such a dummy awww

Aren't they the best? I love to death Chanhun...ill have to check out that other pairing too. I'm glad you enjoyed reading! :) thanks for letting me know you did. :3

idc with het or else but this story is so sweet and good and lovely and omg chanyeol x girl!sehun is an awesome otp ;AAAAAA;

Awwww I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have this awful thing for "Sehuna" he's such a princess as it is so it just fits.

Thank you so much for commenting!

This is much more better than smores or marshmallow..
it's too soft and tender and gentle!

It feels I'm in love..this describe love at first sight feels, intricately.../palms face

Chanhun is a special pairing..idk..I think they're meant for each other.

love this...

They are special~ your comment was so sweet T~T thank you so much. Hopefully too much fluff was just the right amount.

(Deleted comment)
Are there others?! (I need to read!) and you're so kind. Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot!!

oh oh oh.. the kind of story that i always hoping to be ever existed omg. thank you for writing it. <3. it's short.. huhuhuh but it's perfect. you convey chanyeol's emotions and character beautifully i cant find any weird expression to point on. and eventhough this is mostly about chanyeol, the last bit that explain about Sehunaa fitted like a puzzle.
really hope if somehow this would be a universe of its own though :p. *i may hope and dream riteeeeeeee..*

Really? Awwww thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. <3

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